Steven Spielberg Best Interviews

Steven Spielberg always leaves us wanting more. But, how does he do it?

One of Hollywood’s greatest directors, producers and writers of all times, he has influenced generations of directors, such as Peter Jackson and JJ Abrams, and Tarantino even has Spielberg’s Jaws on his list of his personal favorite movies.

Spielberg became interested in films and filmmaking when he was a young boy and ever since then he has been stunning us all with his creations.

Over the years we’ve all learned so much from Steven Spielberg, and not just how to make movies. Many of his movies are based on real life and he goes above and beyond to make his movies as close to reality as possible for his audience. It’s almost like we are a part of the films we are so drawn into them.

Besides his blockbuster films, what do you really know about Steven Spielberg?

We’ve compiled some of Steven Spielberg’s best interviews over the years for you, so you can get a closer look into his genius of filmmaking.

An interview with the late great Roger Ebert, June 24, 1979

HOLLYWOOD – There’s an old union song with the chorus, “Newspapermen meet the most interesting people.” I heard it sung once by Pete Seeger, and went to work for a newspaper. Twelve years later, the song turned out to be right.

Picture this. I’m standing on sound stage 24 at Universal Studios, the one where they used to film the Esther Williams pictures. It was from a tank on this very stage, indeed, that Esther Williams emerged dripping wet and inspired the observation, “Dry, she’s OK. Wet, she’s a star.”

If you’re a huge Spielberg fan you’ll love this interview with Anthony Breznican, December 02, 2011. Here you will get to hear the beginning of Spielberg’s story, and it’s an interesting one!

We know you’ll enjoy this 1992 video of Ed Bradley interviewing Steven Spielberg, which will show you more of the real Spielberg behind the movies, you’ll even hear from his mother who talks about how he first started making movies.

And, don’t miss this BBC interview with Steven Spielberg, where he talks about his greatest sci-fi movies, Jurassic Park, E.T. and Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

We hope you enjoyed these interviews as much as we did. If you have a link to any other interesting interview or just want to say hi, please leave a comment below.